About Us

History Of The School

The Study School, Aspur was established by Gopal Singh Seva Sansthan Gol, Aspur on 28th June 2010. It was started with classes from Nursery to three which is upgraded every year with one more class.

Starting with a meager roll of 74 students and 8 teachers in the commencing year, the school has since then witnessed tremendous growth in all sense. Today, it is a very fast growing school and has become the trusted institution in the area.

Motto Of The School

Success means growth and growth means change

We have made the above our motto after a lot of analysis, research and deep contemplation. Every individual in this universe is after “SUCCESS“. But it has quite often been found that people either forget or neglect the basic principles of success.

As our motto says, success means growth. But growth means change. It means that when one is achieving success in his/her life, he/she is growing in some or other things. But that growth is possible only when one is ready to change the self or the situations. Hence, it can aptly be said that success always begins with a change. And that is the supreme goal of the The Study School also.

We want to take the message of a change to the people of this region. They are also eagerly looking forward to see a change that can bring about success in their life. Thus the driving force that runs our school is also change. That is our slogan. So do not doubt. In your pursuit of success, you have reached the right place. All our sincere efforts will be concentrated towards a change and difference that will make success possible in your life.