To ensure that students are adequately prepared to face a better tomorrow, we have specially designed and well equipped computer lab to provide computer education to our students from class I.

Apart from computer applications, they learn to use computers as a learning aid by using as well as developing different educational software. A collection of CD ROMs and 24 hours internet access are also available for this purpose.


Francis Bacon has said that reading makes a man perfect. Books are the best comrades of learned personalities. The school has set up an updated library with books on all branches of learning. Other than books, periodicals and newspapers are also there to help the students to be good readers. There is a provision of library period for each class.

Co-Curricular Activities

The school provides a separate period throughout the session to give each student enough time to explore and develop his/her talent. Various activities are planned and performed to develop mental and creative abilities at various levels. These include cultural activities, debates, drawing & painting, calligraphy competition, rangoli and mehndi, dance, etc.

Sports & Games

It has been well said that a sound mind resides in a sound body. Hence sports & games play a vital role in keeping the fitness of students. Physical fitness is as important as mental fitness. Keeping this fact in mind, The Study School maintains a spacious playground with a lot of equipment’s and playing materials.


The school possesses an admirable fleet of vehicles to provide transport facility to students from any corner of Aspur and its surrounding areas. The school is taking special care to carry the students to & fro with utmost care and safety.

Audio Visual Room

Visual media is more effective and successful than any other. What is seen is retained by mind than what is heard. Therefore, The Study School has a well equipped audio – visual room so that students can see things in the real form, recognize them and understand them.

The Staff

The Study School is headed by the Principal who plays a vital role in the academic administration of the school with the assistance and guidance from the office bearers of Gopal Singh Seva Sansthan. The teaching staff comprises of the best available talent from various states of India.

The teams of highly motivated, dedicated, professionally trained and qualified teachers have done outstanding work in a short span of time. Teachers of subjects like yoga, physical education, music, sports & games and art and crafts are the special attraction of the school. The non – teaching staff and other domestic staff are always ready to provide service whole heartedly.